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Today’s modern dental implants allow you to enjoy a lifelong investment that restores missing teeth in a manner that mimics your natural smile. At Aesthetic and Implant Dentistry in Midlothian, we provide comprehensive implant therapy (from placement to restoration) in one convenient South Dallas location.


From traditional implant therapy to same day dental implants, we offer a variety of solutions based on your oral health needs and personal goals.



Fixed Implant Overdentures

Our Midlothian implant dentist has invested in the latest state-of-the-art technology including 3D CT scanning for the most precise and minimally-invasive implant therapy possible. Thanks to CT imaging, we’re able to assess all angles of your oral anatomy, rather than rely on traditional two-dimensional X-rays. During the planning process, we’re able to perform virtual placement and pre-determine the exact location of each implant before a surgery is even scheduled.


CT scanning allows for accurate implant placement thanks to pre-mapped Precision surgical guides that are tailored for your procedure. Such resources facilitate efficient treatment and a highly predictable outcome, minimizing discomfort and recovery time after your implant surgery.


The Precision guide ensures that each implant is placed in the same location as where it was mapped during your virtual treatment plan prior to your actual surgery.


Advantages of Dallas Dental Implants


Compared to conventional types of tooth replacement, dental implants offer a significant advantage, including the benefits of an investment that is:

  • Made to last for life
  • Non-invasive to adjacent teeth
  • Capable of restoring as few or many teeth as necessary
  • Highly predictable
  • More durable than natural teeth
  • Beneficial to the overall function of your mouth
  • Supportive of your natural facial profile

Types of Dental Implant Restorations


Your dental implant is essentially an artificial root, which supports a fixed restoration on top of it to replace the missing tooth. Implant restorations are designed from high quality porcelains and other durable aesthetic materials for optimal design and appearance.


Some of the types of restorations our Midlothian implant dentist provides, include:

Porcelain Crowns

An individual dental implant is usually the preferred treatment of choice for replacing a missing tooth. The porcelain crown attaches on top of the single implant, mimicking the design and function of a natural tooth. Our Midlothian implant practice offers CEREC single visit dental crowns as well as traditional ceramic options, depending on the location and visibility of your tooth.

Porcelain Crowns

Fixed Bridges

For multiple missing teeth, an implant supported bridge can eliminate the need to wear a partial denture. Implant bridges span the length of 3-4 teeth and are supported on either end by an implant (as opposed to traditional bridges, which are anchored onto natural teeth.)

Fixed Bridges


Our Midlothian dentist is the only Hybridge certified provider in the South DFW area. Hybridge implants allow us to remove any remaining teeth and place an immediate hybrid/extended bridge design on the very same day, replacing all of your upper or lower teeth at once. About 3-4 months later when all of the bone and gum tissues have stabilized, a more permanent restoration will be placed.


Fixed Implant Overdentures

As an alternative to Hybridge treatment, it’s possible to deliver a denture that’s stabilized by dental implants on the same date as any extractions or implant placement. After a period of 4-5 months, the denture will be replaced with one that’s been adjusted to the new contour of your underlying oral structures.

Fixed Implant Overdentures

Dental Implant Timeframe Considerations

After your initial exam, CT scan, and consultation, your dental implant process can typically take a few months to complete. Even though we are able to remove existing teeth, place implants, and attach a restoration in just one appointment, it will be necessary to update the prosthesis after your mouth has fully healed. Because bone structures change in shape after a tooth is removed, this can alter the contour of your gums and thereby the fit of your new implant prosthesis. About 3-6 months after the implants are delivered, we will replace the interim prosthesis with a permanent, fixed restoration.

For customized, premier dental implant care in Dallas, contact Aesthetic and Implant Dentistry of Midlothian. We’ve proudly served the greater DFW area for 25 years. Request your appointment today.



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